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Math and the Movies: provides backstory, movie clip info and math lessons. Also graph paper and TI screenshots are available at student resources page.

Constructions step by step

Math and Multimedia Blog: A treasure trove! Check out the Calculus Rhapsody and the fibanocci Nature by the Numbers sequence!

Who wants to be a Mathionaire?! Use your lifelines! Try to win a million bucks!

Visualizing large numbers is hard. A college student makes it concrete with "Visualizing Obama's budget cuts" video.

Count Calcula order of operations

Trig special angles with your hand!

Math and Science clipart data base: searchable, extensive, cool

One trillion dollars! Cool

Order of Operations rap with Mr. Q.U.E. has ideas and interactive activities for algebra and geometry. I especially like to algebra balance and the conic sections drawing

Calculicious It's delicious!

Mathmaticious- Rated for all students! Fantastic!

Mr. Duey raps the fractions: An extremely cool TeacherTube video!

I Will Derive! A calculus music-video: hysterical!

Mathematical Idol handout 2007 KC version

Lawrenceville Math Resources provides applets with many interactive graphs. Samples include sinusoids, unit circle, transformations, normal curve, and tangent/secant lines. Also calculus and 2-D 3-D graphs. Fantastic!

Cooltext generates outstanding animated graphics for use in documents and webpages!

TeacherTube math page with math raps

Mrs. Kroon's favorite Animation ever! It's a Honda Accord Ad!

Patrick's favorite Animated hypercube

Math Worksite Graph Paper Generator

Tangent line animation Drag the point to different places on the curve

Java math applets for the classroom (college algebra)

Virtual Manipulatives (Grapher) (Trig project)

Virtual Manipulatives (Algebra Tiles)

NCTM Illuminations website illustrates the new vision for school mathematics as presented in NCTM's Principles and Standards.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

John Hanna's graphing calculator page  has many useful programs, activity and tools to help graphing calculator users.

Transformations including rotation, translation, and reflection.

Click for Sine Curve demonstration: (uses QuickTime viewer)

Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse MPEG video clip (uses QuickTime viewer)

Click for Pythagorean Theorem demonstration:  (uses QuickTime viewer)

Click here to download free Quicktime viewer.

Another Pythagorean Theorem demonstration shows that a2 + b2 = c2, by moving the two small squares to cover the area of the big square.

Math animations by IES  Click for purchase info.

Applet graphs y=a sin b(x-c).  Change the value of 'a', 'b', and 'c' and observe the graph. "Transform" button shows the following transformation process.  y=sinx -> y=a sin x -> y=a sin bx -> y=a sin b(x-c).

A man is riding on the surf. We set f(x) as the curve of the wave . Observe the slope of the surfbord. The trace of the slope is the derivative of f(x)

The Sum of Outer Angles of a Polygon applet

Angles and parallel lines applet


Map projections

ThinkQuest optical illusions

ThinkQuest Perception

ThinkQuest Light

Periodic Table Song by Tom Lehrer (ca 1955)

                (oo)    Mathematical Cow
       /---------\/     (Developer of cow-culus)
      / | x=a(b)||
     *  ||------||
        ~~ ~~


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