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Updated 05/02/2024


Do you want to mix a fish Olivia?     DD     5/2/24

Why don't you just weigh the poo?     ??     4/25/24

She was suffocating me but now I can breathe.     ZJ     4/19/24

Our sphere's been through it.     ZH     4/17/24

This is making me think.     BM     3/21/24

It tastes like the smell of glue.     ZP     3/21/24

They had cameras in the 1930's?     PL     3/1/24

Rawr. Sounds like my cat with a hairball.     CK     3/1/24

Me and Caleb got coconuts.     DD     3/1/24

So if my geometry book tells me to jump off a cliff, should I?     CV     2/29/24

What type of roar do you want? Zesty or not?     NP     2/8/24

Would you rather me take a point off or give you a snarky comment?     CK     2/6/24

We don't think in geometry. We KNOW.       CK     various

I need all the help I can get.    CK     2/6/24

I thought it was going to be racist.     CK   ?

There's no sinning in geometry.     CK   various

I love it when my students give me homework.     CK     2/6/24

Go the the corner, it's 90 degrees.     CK     various

This is an 8th grade standard.    CK     various

I'm on my academic comeback now.     JD     1/26/24

You can make anything into a hat if you try.     R     1/26/24

Graph paper gives me a headache.     MM     1/11/24

Math is not smarter than us.     MM     12/12/23

We're going to combine triangles to make a triangle.     LH     12/4/23

I love it when I finally understand what I'm doing.     ZD     11/30/23

This is making me turn on my brain.     ZH     11/30/23

Look! I can balance it on my nose!     LH     11/21/23

My mouse is acting drunk.     11/16/23     CK

I can't see anything but her hair right now.     MM     11/16/23

Decimals are the Devil's handmaiden.     11/15/23     CK

These (problems) hurt my head like I'm going into cardiac arrest.     GB     11/19/23

People call me Mad Dog because I'm a dog and I'm mad.     (little kid in hallway)     11/2/23

I always eat food.     NL     11/2/23

Let's see your moonwalk.     CK     10/26/23

Don't touch my head.     ZD     10/20/23

You're more wrong than I am.     ZD     10/18/23

I'm excited for my Hot Pocket.     NL     10/18/23

You're a corner.     SR     10/6/23

Don't pet me. I'm not your dog.     MM     10/6/23

OMG. I was searching my pockets. My phone is literally right here in my hand.     MM     10/4/23

Keep my grandma out of this.     ZD(?)     10/3/23

Look at it in your head.     LT     9/20/23

Sounds like an ish-you, not an ish-me.    EB     9/12/23

So ignore my ignoring.     LT     8/18/23


My finger isn't loose enough.     LR(?)     5/1/23

Haters gonna hate, Mrs. Kroon     NG     4/27/23

 Sorry I'm late. I had a situation with my pants.     LR     4/26/23

I may not be a smart man, but I know what Tuesday is.     CK     4/3/23

For once could you just think about how that makes Mrs. Kroon feel?     TM     3/31/23

I'm just going to be putting baby clothes on a rabbit.     CD     3/21/23

I have a cousin.     CK     3/13/23

The parametrics are coming to save us!     AB     1/11/23

Small, tiny, big number.     TM     1/11/23

I'm jealous of cosine because they don't have crunchy joints.     AB     1/6/23

Judgments aren't always spoken out loud.     1/6/23

Wait, is that circle called incircumsized?   KT
No, it is incircumscribed.     KV     12/9/22

Well zone in.     TD     11/30/22

I want to blow my doors off.     TD     11/21/22

Well they're not MY chickens.     PL    11/8/22

You can't just hand out The Thinker like it's Halloween candy.     11/7/22     TM

It was kind of sweet when MP sniffed your back.     CK     10/27/22

Is Halloween the 31st this year?      CK     10/20/22

Wait, your sister is an only child?     TM     9/27/22

I know what up and down is.     KV     9/1/22


if you're scared, that means you need to study more.     CK     5/11/22

We're calling about your auto warranty.     AS     3/10/22

That joke was so bad it was actually good!          AS  responding to AB      2/7/22

OMG! Why are you breathing?     SR     1/14/22

Boom! My eyeballs are back on!     KT     12/20/21

I clapped with my leg.     IK     12/15/21



What does my handwriting say?     AS     5/6/21

It's cheaper to be stupid.     MR     3/29/21

Technically it looks like a big number. But it's really a small number.     SB     1/21/2021

 I'm here with my gorilla dude. And why is there a ballerina too?     HI     12/10/2020

J, go to the light.     JK     12/10/2020

I know how to wrap Christmas presents. But I don't know how to wrap a hanger.     RG     12/10/20

Two of them were one of them.     JL     9/16/20

My hair feels amazing right now!     AP     8/26/20

So what did you say for the undernumbers?     JK     8/25/20


You can start out as a monkey and end up the goat someday.     PC     3/10/20

He talks in cursive.     MW     2/24/20

We're like mathematicians!     TG     1/24/20

I'm an organism. Like a cat.     PC     12/12/19

I don't want to hear any more about somebody farting.    CK     12/6/19

It doesn't hurt. It's just sore.     JC     12/5/19

Today has been a good day in math class!     AW    12/3/19

That just seems kind of......    pointless.     MW 12/2/19

Sometimes suffering is necessary.    CK     10/9/19

 I learn better when I have my hair on.     JL     10/2/19

AS is here. But not here.     CK     9/26/19

So math that out.     MW     9/24/19


Did I get what I got?     JL     5/14/19

Your cat eye is coming out of your sweatshirt.     KH     5/13/19

Circles are my favorite things ever!    ZL     5/9/19

If I had a dollar for every time I did something smart, I'd have like $4.00.     PC     4/10/19

Because if you get up, your entire head gets up too.     JK     3/26/19

I'm filling up my body with purple paper.     JC     3/13/19

I'm the you right now.     JK     3/13/19

Mrs. Kroon, you've got me doing math while playing a board game. And I don't like it.     IK     2/11/19

Why am I spelling goat wrong?     PC     12/20/18

I'm not autistic enough for that.     JL     12/17/18

I feel so smart. But stupid.     KD     12/13/18

I need seven fingers.     EC     11/16/18

CK: I don't get it.                                                       11/5/18
PC: Neither do I.
CK: But you said it.

365 is the number of days in a year. 360 is the number of degrees in a circle.     BO to KD       11/15/18

There is no X in excellent... Oh yes there is!     RJ     10/16/18

There's parking lots and then there's parking lots.     Mrs. Kroon     10/5/18

She's studying anatomy and we're doing joints.     BO     10/5/18

Ellipses are just long circles.   KL   8/28/18



No offense. But full offense.     (anon. student in hallway)     5/18/18

Stop smelling each other.     CK     4/30/18

Just think for a little bit. It's not that hard.     Zoltar     4/24/18

So when you subtract, you divide. Right?     BS     4/20/18

Quickmaffs!     JL     3/2/18

I AM a monkey.     JF     2/14/18

Secant? See I can't do that.     RS     1/31/18

2π and zero are the same thing.     CK     1/11/18

We don't flip people over.     HW     12/19/17

One-half does not equal one-half.     RJ     12/2/17

RIP Chickdog.     CK     12/11/17

Don't tell them not to miss that part.     RJ     11/15/17

Sweet sassy mollassy!     KLH     11/14/17

I LOVE i!     BO     11/10/17

If the answer is six, you can't just say five.     RJ     10/20/17

When I try, it makes a difference.     BS     10/23/17

If you look up smart in the dictionary, you will see my picture there.     Mrs. Kroon     10/12/17

If I had a rock, I would throw it at you.     MG     10/5/17

That's not as hard as I thought.     PC     10/5/17

Skrt skrt!     Mrs.Kroon     10/4/17

No, you can't have my head!     Anonymous Sioux Valley person     9/5/17

Your hair is wet and you smell good. So get out of here.     PC     8/30/17

It's something.     HW     8/24/17

Oh yeah. I'm doing the same thing. It just doesn't look the same.     LW 9/23/17



You can algebra this! CS  5/18/17

Then I guess you did that.   AV   4/11/17

I think FFOO should be a verb.   KL   4/3/17

Oh! My gum came out!     KH     12/16/16

I just ate eraser crumbs.     CK     12/15/16

Oh I like this determining if something is odd degree or even degree.     JK     12/13/16

Mrs. Kroon, everyone else is just as done.     HM     11/10/16

My dad never wears pants.     JK     11/4/16

These are the best jokes I've ever heard. On a Laffy Taffy wrapper.     CC     11/4/16

We're putting x in for x.    ME     10/28/16

You don't have to have big numbers to learn.     VS     10/27

I feel like I'm smarter when I write with a pen.     KL     10/15/16

Where am I going?     RJ     10/24/16

Today is just...ewwwwww.     HM     10/20/16

You actually might not not like mine.     HW     10/13/16

I was just looking in my head.     CS     10/13/16

I love prealgebra!     JC     10/7/16

I love that you are using math for evil!    CK     10/5/16

Have they learned imaginary numbers yet? No. Do it!     HM, LW     10/5/16

Now there's guts on my calculator.     AC     10/3/16

I don't mind this part if I don't mess it up.     AC     9/30/16

I am the F-er!     CK     9/29/16

Just a little bit of dog poop ruins the whole brownie.     CK     9/20/16

I can fit so many corn dogs in here!     TG     8/31/16



This chapter was the bomb!     CS     5/11/16

I know where I live.     TR     5/10/16

I guess that wasn't so bad.     HW     5/3/16

So the first one is the first one, and the second one is the second one.     DH     5/2/16

Crackers aren't real fish, C.     HW     4/18/16

Here Mrs. Kroon, you can have your brain back.     MH     4/12/16

My whole page is covered in letters.     HM     4/4/16

Save your roars for me, Mrs. Kroon     JK     4/1/16

I'm crying. But inside I'm laughing.     MP     3/22/16

This chapter has been just great. I love this chapter.     CS     3/9/16

It's the same thing. Just backwards.     CS     3/4/16

I like these things a lot. They are easy.     JL     3/4/16

I like this section.     PS     3/3/16

I don't hear your hiccups!     KH     3/1/16

Good grief. He was older than dirt.     CK     2/11/16

Your hands are wrong.     AC     2/1/16

Mrs. Kroon, do you smell good?     KH     1/13/16

She laminated her brain.     KC     12/7/15

Yes. But we can not know stuff together.     12/2/15     AP

I like this foofoo thing way better.     JL     11/13/15

I'm looking forward to getting sick. I like to sleep.     TR     11/11/15

I got my toilet in there and I am proud of myself.     TR     11/2/15

I thought the bigger one was the smaller one.     JF     10/27/15

So get it wrong. Say one million.     ME     10/8/15

It all curled up straight.     CS     10/7/15

Yeah. It's not skipping like skipping.     CS     10/5/15

Hey! I could be a pencil!     JK     10/1/15

Mrs. Kroon, if I had to throw something up, I'd rather it would be your cake.     NE     9/24/15

I pretty much had it right, but wrong at the same time.     GF     9/24/15

I don't want to get bit by a goose.     MP     9/11/15

Quit smelling my arm.     JL     9/11/15

Is the pot of gold at the rainbow's house?     DH     8/24/15


Today is today. But if you read the email, today is tomorrow.    JH    5/7/15

It smells so lilaccy over here.    KF    5/7/14

I didn't even care enough to lick your guys's envelopes.    RR`4/21/15

So maybe it's just a thing. Or else it really is a thing.    CK    3/24/15

 wouldn't have gotten that wrong if I would have used my head.     KF    3/2/15

We're singing the (circle) song in robot voices.    ME    2/26/57

That means studying pays off and listening pays off.    HE    2/12/15

I'm too smart to be dumb. But yet I'm dumb.    KF    2/9/15

We're dedicated scholars to the mathematical arts!    JH    1/30/15

Mrs. Kroon. Can you? I don't know. Never mind.     AC    1/29/15

I know how to do these. But I just don't. At the same time.    1/23/15    RR

It isn't going to change anything, except for our answer will be different.    DC    1/13/2015

I'm late, for being early.    RB    1/13/15

I started counting them. And then I noticed that my fingers were right on.    DC    1/6/15

I'm pretty much 1000% sure I got 100%    RR    12/17/14

If never always is sometimes.    DH    12/17/14

You just have to deal with the fact that you can't.     JS    11/25/14

I like integers now.        BS    11/13/14

Sorry. We had to put our skeleton back together.     JH    11/7/14

No. Turkey pizza has those big chunks of ham.    CH    11/7/14

Sometimes she comes out before she comes in.     RK    11/6/14

I like the way you say words.        HW    11/5/14

I like these questions.     PS    10/30/14

This is really easy and fun!    GF    10/14/14

Hands are feet.    DH    10/1014

I love integers. They seem easier.    GC    9/17/14

Math is going great today. I like it a lot.    PS    9/17/14

What the hay Mrs. K?        RR    9/5/14

I like how they say they. We are they.    GC    9/12/14

You know what graph paper is good for? Graphing!    NL     9/12/14

I didn't take your pen of death.    DH    9/10/14

I think you did because I think I felt disappointed.    RB    9/9/14

I like these.     KH    8/29/24

It rains algebra on you. And then you get it.    SK    8/29/14

----------------------- 2013-2014

Which last one?        RB        5/15/14

We're juniors so we should have senior privileges now.        RB         5/12/14

This looks fun!        HE    5/2/14

Mrs. Kroon, you cram my head so full of math that I can barely walk. (Name withheld by request)    4/15/14/

I like these.    HE    4/10/14

I like to fling my poo.  It's soothing.     HO    4/9/14

I feel bad because I feel good about this.    RB    3/17/14

I'm going to join her. But in the other one.    DC    3/12/13

I'm a nun, but I'm not that nunny.    ME    2/25/14

It makes sense, if you don't think about it.    GF    2/21/14

Nothing. It's just something.    TM    2/19/13

When it's a leading negative that's like this way and then this way.    TM    1/21/14

I like these. They're easy.    RB    1/15/14

I think we're thinking of something we haven't thought of before.    12/12/13

Mrs. Kroon, you'd make a good dead guy.    LH    1/10/14

If I didn't have school, I would decorate the whole school.    DT    12/12/13

Trigamus maximus!        RR    12/10/13

Ohhhhhhh, what is falling down my sweater?    JK    11/26/13

Oh! I think I like these!    TM    11/1/13

When you multiply you add but when it's an exponent you multiply.     KJ    10/29/13

I know the answer but I don't know what the answer is.    RR    10/29/12

So that means what it means.    AR     10/17/13

The next thing is linear functions and I LOVE those!    HE    9/18/13

Mrs. Kroon, is it OK if I take off my pants?    HO    9/9/13

I like these. They are easy.    HO    8/30/13

If you think about what you're doing, it makes it easier.     TL    8/26/13

I know, but I have to make them believe.    NC    8/22/13


In Mrs. Kroon's class, you always learn something, even if you don't want to.    CG    5/18/13

Whenever my teacher asks me to solve a problem on the board, I just walk up and erase the board. Problem solved.    JS    4/26/13

Mrs. Kroon can use vectors to calculate which way she is going to kick you, and how far.    RH    4/4/13

Yay! I love changing percents to decimals.    JS    3/28/13

Mrs. Kroon, math class is the only place where you can buy 60 watermelons and nobody questions your motives.    CC    2/28/13

YOBO. You're only born once.   2/21/13     RR/TC

Don't make that grinding-teeth face!    AH    2/4/13

These are easy and hard at the same time.    GF    1/29/13

The vision up here is clear. But when it comes to putting it on canvas, I have gawdawful brushstrokes.    JS    1/28/13

What's green and has wheels?    RR    1/11/13

I was still busy with my brain.    BB    12/10/12

Makes sense, if you don't think about it.    JC    12/6/12

That's right: that's wrong.    JS    11/28/12

If you stop paying attention for one second, you will miss a whole lesson.    CG    11/5/12

Can you shush?! I'm actually learning math here!    MH    8/29/12


Tests are fun when you know what you're doing.    RR    5/11/12

That's probably the one lesson I wish we would've had homework on.    JS    5/4/12

Mrs. Katzer, are you Mrs. Francis?    4/18/12    RR

We were insulting each other using geometry.    CG    4/3/12

You don't appear to be pimpin' to me.    ck    3/30/12

Don't let tomorrow's troubles rob you of today's joy.    SM    3/5/12

We needed today. But today now becomes tomorrow.     JS    2/28/12

MF was here to see if he was here!    DK    2/28/12

Roses are red. Violets are blue.
Some poems don't make sense.
Refrigerator.        DH    2/24/12

And your brother is only a something.    CJ    2/24/12

You're fighting zombies. You're still a person.    AK    2/9/12

I taught Mrs. Kroon something! Yesssssssss!    JS    1/13/12

He told me to pet him.    TR    1/6/12

I gotta refresh the other side of my head.    JS    1/5/12

She's the kind of girl that would get Anne Frank caught.    12/16/11    CM

I love the smell of me, if that's what I smell like.    DL 12/14/11

I'm not saying you're not a good warden or anything...    CG    11/9/11

We're not wearing pants at football practice today.    MF    10/24/11

Oh shoot! You add them when you multiply!    KB    10/21/11

I could tell you the alphabet, if I saw it.    MF     10/5/11

So do I get it wrong if it's wrong?    CR    9/15/11

If I was a cat, I'd claw your eyes out. HO    9/9/11


Are these these?    SO    5/16/11

You can see his lips. They're not on her nose.    KB    5/6/11

Check his lips.    AK    3/23/11

No one's ever been able to make a whole circle around their nose and not make a face.    DH 1/12/11

I like semester tests.    JC    12/20/10

Mrs. Kroon! I can think. I just can't think with numbers.    DS    12/8/10

Dude! That's a really good 4!    KB    11/3/10

So just give me my dead rat.    JE    9/21/10

Oh no! I lost all of my lead!    JE    9/10/10


So neither is neither?    AJ    5/17/10

AJ, put your belly away.    DL    5/14/10

Oh no! I forgot my pants in the science room!     BR    5/7/10

It's like an F without a crossing.    MS    5/7/10

I can't wait until we get into 7th grade. We get to take showers.    Anonymous little kid in hallway    5/7/10

Mrs. Calculator, I have my assignment    MH    4/30/20

I'm a teachers-pet, good-grade-gettin', law-lovin' good kid.    BM    4/20/10

Because 8 is 5 now.    SM    4/9/10

I love writing my name with a super-sharp pencil!     KS    4/8/10

So first you wanna "F" it!     CK 4/1/10 legendary!

My favorite stamp is the Santa hat. It's just so red.    BR    3/16/10

My coconuts are lopsided!    MS    3/5/10

Mrs. Kroon, I feel like I have no pants on.     MS    3/5/10

If I want to see a bunch of stubborn idiots making decisions, I would go to my house.  CM  2/17/10

I like these, Mrs. Kroon!    KS    1/14/10

How do you know this? Were you a a geese onced?    KB    1/05/10

I've just got regular super.    AJ    12/3/09

I can see people in my calculator.     KB     12/3/09

Oh! These are goodly cut!    KB    11/13/09

I already beat up one person this morning.    KB    9/8/09

The lower you set your standards, the less you're disappointed.    CM    10/1/09

Does it care what color I color it?    KB  9/25/09


I'm just going to put Abbey's nose on mine.    TS    5/6/09

Don't hold this against me, but I like these.     EB    5/1/09

Taco sandwich! Hey, don't put that on the website.    BJ    3/31/09

It's different. But the same. In a different way.    TS    3/18/09

Don't get allergic to it!    EB    3/11/09

Taping spaghetti is hard work!    MS    3/5/09

I look forward to the end of the day when I can sharpen my pencil in trig class.    MS    2/25/09

For reading you actually had to read the things.    BR    2/17/09

Chicken noodle tastes like chicken noodle.    BS    2/10/09

It's not like they're good. But they're addicting.    DH    2/2/09

OK: You're you.    CK    1/28/09

Because a circle is a circle.     BJ    1/27/09

Mrs. Kroon, can I leave my ducks in here?    LM    1/23/09

Because 2 times 3 is 5!    KB    1/22/09

I've already done like infinity of these.    TZ    1/22/09

You're the dumbest smart person I know.    TZ    1/15/09

You're so dumb. I love you.    JC    1/15/09

I was yawning and my gun fell out.    DK    1/7/09

I could do these all day.    BM    1/6/09

Kate, do you remember when I hit myself?    AS    1/5/09

It's not like like like!    EB    12/18/08

It's like the algebra Superbowl.    TZ    11/17-08

Gosh! My foot keeps falling off!    TZ    11/20/08

When you're subtracting, that's when you divide. Right?    EB    11/18/08

Sometimes I'm not there. But I'm there.    MG    11/17/08

I'm trying to solve it without solving it.    DK    10/10/08

It's the twenty-thirtieth.    JC    9/30/08

I'll use these for my guitar sticks....No I meant guitar sticks...my GUITAR sticks!    BJ    9/30/08

You add them when you're multiplying, right?    DH    9/24/08

I hate these shoes. They're comfortable.    AS    9/19/08

I could smuggle a midget in my bookbag.    AT    9/17/08

My cheese!    JC    9/8/08

My eyeball is sticking.    JC    9/2/08

I can smell the deliciousness and it's making me hungry.    BS    8/29/08

Oh. I was just yawning your name Mrs. Kroon.    DK    8/29/08

I wish I wouldn't have cheated my way through factoring in algebra.    BJ    8/28/08


You were driving a chair?    BS    4/30/08

Hey! Some of us aren't all geniuses.    HC    4/28/08

I understand this stuff now. And I'm happy.     JB    4/24/08

The sight in my left right eye is going out.    BS    4/9/08

On number 8, is that one green chair like a window?    3/17/08    DM

This is a good day for algebra.    JB    2/21/08

I used to be a monkey. It didn't work out very well.    CK    2/6/08

See? There's always an advantage to failing a class.    JL    2/6/08

I know. But I've never listened.    HC    1/30/08

Is there such a thing as negative i? Is that even legal?    AT    1/10/08

Oh. I just never looked at the book before.    DM    1/8/08

You're my math slave.    CK    12/19/07

I just want to see the hole.    KK    12/3/07

This is, like, exciting.    AS    11/29/07

Is it positive zero?    EB    11/14/07

My hair smells really good today.    EB    10/30/07

So A goes all the way to the corner of the circle?    DM    10/12/07

Mrs. Kroon, I got two arms.    DK    10/12/07

Dyslexics are teople poo.    JL    10/12/07

I'm making up for all your offness.    LM    10/10/07

I'm not normal.    HC    10/10/07

I always count fast. So I count slow.    EB    10/10/07

What I said was, "There are limitations to my greatness." DM 9/27/07 


I don't like either either.    DM    5/16/07

YOU'RE Centerville!    TS    4/13/07

I seem to get a lot wrong when I guess the answers.    NB    3/14/07

Given the second one was a cat twice.    MS 3/12/07

I love sneezing. It feels so good!    MS 2/9/07

It feels so much better if you KNOW what's going on.    AS    1/24/07

All I see are voices.    DM    1/17/07

Is your dinosaur name Kroonocerous?    AT    12/14/06

Yes... Oh ,I thought you said "croquet."    CK    12/06/06

These are good. I wish we could do a hundred of them.    KC 12/05/06

Mr. Kroon says these glasses make me look like a sexy librarian.    CK    11/29/06

I don't like sneezing in my hand.    DW    11/29/06

I like these now. Just kidding...not really.    EM 11/16/06

Would you like some fish to go with that w(h)ine?    TZ    11/16/06

I'm gonna go jump off a DITCH now!???    CK    11/07/06

No! It's MY head!    EB    11/1/06

I don't want your body. I just want your head.    BJ 11/1/06

These are pretty easy. I like 'em.    EM    10/24/06

I would've had it right if I actually would have done my work.    BH    10/24/16

I know it's harder than it is.    TZ 10/20/06

I like these a lot. For serious. They're actually easy.    KK    10/19/06

Oooh! If I get this right I'll be SO happy!    PK    8/25/06


Algebra was fun today.    EB    5/11/06

I saw that 3xy and thought it said "sexy".    JC    5/11/06

Whichever one of those gives you the right answer. That's the one I want.    CK    5/3/06

It's going to be a long short day.    BH    4/28/06

You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you sit on your butt. And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?    JC    4/07/06

I'd rather go to school. School is easy.    JB 3/30/06

I did some of Derek's homework yesterday and it was pretty easy.    TH    3/22

Math was actually fun last night. I don't know why.    DM    3/21/06

I like the positive zeros.    JB    3/21/06

I'm gonna HAVE to have one more piece of pie! (Way to take one for the team!)    KH    3/14/06

What letter should we use? Seven!    AS   2/28/06

Leave me alone, smart people.    DP    2/9/06

I like this assignment. It was pretty easy.  JB  1/24/06

I don't even mind doing Algebra 2 homework.    HC    1/8/06

We laugh at distance from a point to a line! Mwuaaaaahhhhahahahahaha!  CK  1/16/05

Yes I didn't!    SS    12/16/05

Nobody failed with a D.    MR    12/15/05

We have enough trees. Go down to Georgia and get some.    HC    12/13/05

I go and get a pencil, and it's out of ink.    DW    12/12/05

I wrote it down, but I didn't write it down.    BH    12/12/05

I used to cheat on everything. Then I got smart.    DM    12/8/05

I'm bleeding. I should go get my blood type tested.    KH    12/6/05

It isn't failure. It's "deferred success."    ??    12/2/05

Can we just do homework?    DM    11/23/05

Seriously? Oh wait, I'm doing my homework.    SC    11/17/05

I saw that it was easy, but I did the wrong easy work.    KH    11/17/05

You could do surgery with it.    CK 11/14/05

I want to wear duct tape. I HAVE to find somebody to wear duct tape with me.    MR    11/1

It's a two-chocolate day.    EM    10/13

I can't believe those problems I've been skipping are so easy!    EG    10/5

Take the 4th cube root.    EG    10/5

I'm like the same height as you. But you're an inch taller.    MR    10/4

Nope. It's easy.    BZ    9/28/05

I like this standard form stuff.     JB    9/26/05

Everybody's here that's here.    5th period    9/21/05

I like these (graphing inequalities).     MR       9/12/05

Then I'd be a failure that tried.    EG 9/9/05



That's it. IF that's it.    CK    5/13/05

I like these!    PK 4/5/05

Mrs. Kroon's math songs never get old.    TH & JK    4/20/05

Michael, can I use your head?    HC    4/7/05

Addition means multiply, right? And subtraction means divide?  EG  3/31/105

Calculus pickup line: I wish I were a derivative so I could be tangent to your curves.  PW    3/15/05

Trig is like a grain of sand on the beach of math.  AW        3/7/05

I wish we could go back to those Mrs. Kroon. I loved them.    HC 3/15/05

I'm actually going to try to do this problem.     DP 2/23/05

I crushed you in Go Fish. Just remember that.    PW 1/27/05

As soon as the muffin mess is cleaned up.    DW    1/10/05

This is fun!    HC 1/6/05

You don't win games if you don't score.    EV    12/21/04

There's not much time in eight minutes.    CH    12/21/04

I like this chapter.    MM    12/8/04

You know Mrs. Kroon, if I did my work in class, I could get it done.    EG 12/2/04

When you actually do your homework, you have a lot of free time.    AW    12-3-04

It's the same except for exactly opposite.    AB & KH    11/18/04

I kind of like this stuff. It's easy.    TH 11/15/04

I shoulda done something but I didn't.    EV    11/8/04

Oh my gosh! I just said that math is important!    TH    11/4/04

I might actually have to do something before I can understand it.    RD    11/2/04

My pants would come off before my shirt.     RD    10/28/04

I like this lesson.    PK    10/21/04

Trig is like heaven compared to that class.     EG    10/14/04

My sorry!    CK 10/7/04

Tomorrow will be my last year.    BZ    10/5/04

"Awesome! I LOVE these things. They're just so easy."  JC 8/16/04


"I'd rather take EIGHT geometry tests!" JB 5/12/04

"I would rather sit HERE for eight hours!" EV 5/12/04

"I wouldn't be passing now if I didn't take good notes."  DW 5/7/04

"It's better when I take my time and write the equation out before." HC 4/6/04

"It helps, now that she's making us do our math."  NS 3/30/04

"I'd rather do my homework Mrs. Kroon." KH  3/24/04

"How 'bout you just give me detention instead?"  JU  3/25/04

"Ever since I started doing my homework, my test grades have been going up." NS 3/17/04

"Guess what?  If you do your homework you don't have to go to ELT."  BZ 3/17/04

"I hit him on the head with a thing and it didn't even make a thunk."  AB 3/2/04

"I'm not here today."  KC 2/25/04

I picked up the worm."  SC  2/24/04

"What color is the red house?"
"Right."  CK and EK 2/19/04

"Heh heh heh! I love notes."  TH 2/19/04

"I like these problems. Give me more."  MB 2/12/04

"Be quiet. I have work to do."  NS 1/29/04

"We realllly like dirty people."  SM 1/23/04

"None of my people are retarded."  CK 1/21/04

"I like these problems.  They're all so easy."  KH  1/20/04

"These are actually kind of fun, Mrs. Kroon." PW 1/12/04

"You know, if I would have worked these out, I wuld have gotten them right.  TH 1/12/04

"I had fun today!"  TH 1/8/04

"If I would have asked you about those questions, I would have done better on the test."  BZ  11/20/03

"I'm choking on my spit."  CK 11/11/03 

"You know, doing my homework actually makes things easier."  AG 11/4/03

"So the twelve is a five."  RD  10/31/03

"I'm just too lazy."  TH  10/31/03

"Oh great, I broke my fairy wings.  Now what am I gonna do?"  CK 10/30/03

"Weber, come look at you."  EK  10/24/04

"These are easy now that you do them over and over."  HD  10/24/03

"Josh, you might need your algebra book."  10/22/02  KM

"It's not good when you have notes Mrs. Kroon."  (duet) MB and SM 10/20/03

"Yes, yes, why yes, you can count them."  EV 10/1/03

"OK.  Now watch my butt get bigger." ??? 9/22/03

"Squozen!"  CK 9/5/03


"Wow!  If I would have done my homework, I might have won that."  BZ  5/8/03

"You gotta perform to get paid."  DJD 5/5/03

"My grades have been going up ever since I started doing my homework."  NS  5/2/03

"I like this unit Mrs. Kroon."  PW 5/1/03

"Y= M X  + B  !!!!"  CK 4/30/03

"I like algebra!"  TM  4/30/03

"Whose magazine is THIS?"  CK 4/3/03

"I like these."  RD 4/4/03

"These are fun."  RD 4/1/03

"I like this!"  DJD 3/28/03

"When life gives you dilemmas, make dilemmanade."  LK  3/25/03

"I love this!  It's so easy!"  TM  3/7/03

"It only works if you follow the directions."  DK  3/7/03

"This paying attention stuff sure helps."  PK  2/27/03

"Don't be sorry.  Change your ways."  CK 2/26/03

"I would have to become responsible.  Then I could pass.""  AG 2/4/03

"How can you expect to pass if you haven't done any work for two weeks?"  BM 2/24/03

"If you tell someone to go to h*** and they're an atheist, is that a compliment?"  KZ  2/18/03

"Just a minute.  I have to finish taping these towels to my bathroom scales."  CK 2/12/03

"The most dangerous thing about a gecko is his mind."  Niles Crane on Frasier 2/11/03

"You guys can wear pants.  I just won't wear any.  That's fine."  SP 1/27/03

"Hey, I checked my work and I would have had three wrong.  It really works.  Do it."  DP  1/17/03

"Make sure you know it (volume and surface area) because it comes into play next year."  EG 1/15/03

"I guess you got me Tyler."  CK 1/10/03

"I was helping Mrs. Painter."  AG 1/7/03

"If I were the wall, this would be my left side."  SP  1/7/03

"It's amazing how much faster you get done when you know the stuff."  TM  11/22/02

"If I tried harder, I might do better." PK  11/21/02

"This is so easy."  JK 11/8/02

"I'm quite fond of the metric system."  BZ  11/8/02

"I like these.  They are so awesome."  NS 11/8/02

"Oh!  Those <problems> are fun."  PK 11/7/02

"I'm actually quite glad we're in school."  KP 10/30/02

"I liked this assignment!"  TH  10/22/02

"I've got a really hard head."  MS  10/22/02

"I know how to do it.  I didn't do it right."  BS  10/22/02

"Snitches get stitches."  DD 10/17/02

"BAM!"  MS  10/17/02

"I'm glad I took geometry."  BM  10/17/02

"I have air in my head."  TT  9/19/02

"So why should pop be banned from school because of kid's illiteracy?"  BM 9/6/02

"This year I am actually paying attention and it is starting to make sense.  MS 8/29/02

"I actually like these problems."  BM 8/29/02



"I think I put my calculator where the remote goes, and the remote in my bag."  SS 5/9/02

"You know I actually know how to do math a little bit now."  AP 5/3/02

"That problem was too easy."  AR 4/30/02

"I almost got shot in the paintball with an eye."  SS 4/29/02

"These are pretty easy.  I wish we could do a lot more of them."  PW  4/22/02

"The quadratic equation song is really cool!"  LD 4/16/02

"You know, it means s*** out of beep!"  AH 4/15/02

"What?!?  Increases your vocabulary?  That's a curse!"  DD 4/12/02

"Maybe if you went to bed at a decent time and didn't do your trig at 5:30 a.m. you would be doing better!"  TS  4/11/02

"If you cheat and look in the back of the book and answer key instead of DOING the lesson, you do really bad on tests."  KP  4/11/02

"Sometimes I get sick of it too."  CK  4/10/02

"This is an easy lesson!"  MB  4/10/02

"What if I become brilliant?  (If I decide to apply myself.)"  AH 4/10/02

"Box and whiskers are the coolest things we know."  MS and AH 4/10/02

"It's just a thing Jeremy.  Don't worry about it."  BS  4/3/02

"I like the quadratic equation!"  TH 3/26/02

"I don't think math would be that bad if I paid attention every so often."  AP 3/8/02

"I wish all the lessons were this easy."  NH  3/6/02

"No matter how hard you try and get away from math, you just have to face the facts that you can't live without it."  BM 3/6/02

"These are actually pretty easy.  I kind of like them."  MB 3/5/02

"These (completing the square) are easy.  I like them."  NH  2/12/02

"Did everyone's monkey climb the tree?"  CK  2/11/02

"I like these.  They are easy!"  AR 2/4/02

"Wait--the Twizzlers isn't facing me!"  NH  1/30/02

"I've paid attention lately and I know what I'm doing.  It's amazing!"  AP  1/11/02

"These are easy.  It just takes time."  TM  1-10-02

"It's not one though.  Its 2/2."  AP  1-10-0

Math problems?  Call 1-800-[(10x)(13i)^2]-[sin(xy)/2.362x]  TH 12-01-01

"If parallel lines meet at infinity - infinity must be a very noisy place with all those lines crashing together!"  TH 1-6-02

"It's made out of potatoes."  CK  12/19/01

"When you actually pay attention, it all makes sense."  NH  12/13/02

"As long as there are trig tests, there will be prayer in schools."   CK  12/13/01

"Algebra II is fun and exciting!"  TJK 12/7/01

"I love these problems!"  MS 12/7/01

"These problems are too simple."  -- PW 11/30/01

"They're easy!  I wish they were like this all the time!"  -- KO  11/30/01

"These negative log problems are good for the lazy man." -- SS 11/15/01

"Mr. Heidelberger cannot go back in time!"  --CK 11/12/01

"Fake it"  --CK 11/8/01

"I like these problems right here." -- BS 11/8/01

"Three stuff in one lesson!"  --SM 11/5/01

"I'm a princess!  I've got princess power!"  --AH  11/6/01

"It only took me about six months to figure those (rate problems) out, but eventually I did." --AH 11/6/01

"We're going to find out if studying helps!"  BN 10/31/01

"We don't think in science class!"  --LF 10/??/01

"There's a difference between 'stupid-stupid' and 'trying-to-be-serious-stupid.'  Ours is just stupid!"  SS 10/25/01

Euclid is a God, but Euler was a hypocritical idiot.  All together though, both were the first Bill Gates of the world because who could really come up with those formulas without stealing somebody else's ideas.  MS/10/19/01

P.S.  I! Come on, why i?  Why not w?

"I have FOUND the black bead!"  MS 10/15/01

"I'd rather be in Trig!!!" -- BM 10/18/01

"These (days) are kind of fun!" -- MT 10/17/01

"X times 4 equals 12X.  X times negative 3 equals 12 X"-- CK  10/16/01

"I like those (polynomial division) problems!"--  MS 10/15/01

"You just can't stop an idiot!" --AP 9/27/01

"I love tests!" -- JH 9/18/01

"I'm glad I'm taking geometry."  -- LG 9/14/01

"I think it's time to work!"  --AP 9/14/01

"I can't feel my head!" --MT 9/14/01

"No assignment due tomorrow for geometry."--CK 9/10/01

"Geometry is tricky, but once you get it, you GET it!"-- JK September 7, 2001

I just took the test today and I scored high enough that I tested out of intermediate algebra and college algebra 101 up to college algebra 102. I guess it pays to take trig and work hard. Just think what I would be taking if I took pre-calc.              Math Alumnus 9/5/01


"Geometry was fun!" -- KK     October 30, 2000

"I think it makes a difference when a guy does his homework."  --KR, DD    December 18, 2000

"If I work hard, my grades will keep coming up."  --AH     February 14, 2001

"Grease is like grease."  --AH     February 20, 2001

"I'm glad that I had detention this morning so I could catch up on my Algebra II." -- BM     March 28, 2001

"I hope we have a lot of first derivative problems in our lesson."  --DH,JP,JT    March 30, 2001

"They're easy when you get going on the problems."  --DW     March 29, 2001

"I like this lesson, it is cool!"  --LG     April 6, 2001

"I wish we had lessons like this every day."  --KO     April 24, 2001

"These problems are easy!"  --LG     May 1, 2001

"I like these problems!"  --MS     May 1, 2001

"I am SO getting it!"  --JK     May 3, 2001

"You can sleep if you want, but it's to your benefit to listen." -- BM     May 10, 2001

"Math would be easier if I actually tried."  --AP     May 14, 2001

"I bet I could be as smart as my sister if I studied and tried."  --DA     May 14, 2001

"I love these problems.  I wish they were all like this!"  --BS  May 16, 2001

"I should have tried doing my work at the beginning of the year."  --KO     May 16, 2001

"If I had handed in my lessons on time, I would probably have a 90." -- BM     May 16, 2001

"I have to think when I do these."  --DK     May 23, 2001

"There are three things you can be sure of:  death, taxes, and algebra homework."  --BN     May 23, 2001

"I LOVE those ones!"  --DD     May 23, 2001

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