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Updated 07/26/2017 


All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the date due.  Homework will be spot-checked for completeness before the start of each class.

Assignments received after this time will be considered late and points deducted accordingly. Maximum grade will be 80%.

If an assignment is not completed on time, extended learning time (ELT) may be assigned to the student. ELT is additional tutoring time (10 minutes minimum or until homework is complete) with the classroom teacher. ELT will be held at 3:30 each school day as necessary.

Each assignment expires after three days per student handbook policy.

Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Trips, Planned Absences (parental request)

Assignments due must be corrected and turned in before leaving.

Class work missed is the responsibility of the student and is due on the regular due date.

Extended learning time (ELT) will be assigned to students who do not turn in class work on time.

Scheduled tests must be taken before leaving. If a scheduled test is not taken before leaving, it will be counted as a re-take. (Maximum grade 80%)

Make -up Work

Work missed due to excused student absence will be accepted after the regular due date.

One extra make-up day will be allowed for each day of absence.  (See student handbook)

Tests must be made up during this extended time period.

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